Prophetic Insight School 2022

Join Prophetess Rosalyn Atkinson, starting January 13th for the 2022 Prophetic Insight School. This course will help you sharpen your gift and line it up with the Word of God.

Prophetess Rosalyn Atkinson

PROPHETESS ROSALYN M. ATKINSON has a heart to see God’s people walk with Him in holiness with a pure heart, fulfilling their purpose reaching their destiny. Rosalyn was saved at the age of 16 having been inside a church only once. God called her out of Islam to be a VOICE in this hour. She has lead many people to Christ and with the aide of the Holy Spirit igniting

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God N’ Everything Talkshow
Listen to the realest and relevant faith based talk show on KAZ Radio every Thursday @ 5PM EST

The Unloved Wife Book
Being Married doesn’t mean that you are in love and being prophetic doesn’t mean that you pay attention to the signs. Get your copy of this riveting testimony of false love, divorce, and finding true love.

Prophetess Rosalyn and her entire ministry has been such a blessing to me over the years. She truly is an authentic Prophet for Jesus Christ with honesty and accuracy.

Victory Ford